The MDR Extension: What You Need To Know
mrt 8, 2023

When you combine stringent regulations with a shortage of Notified Bodies and more than 17,000 expiring MDD certifications, it’s easy to see why there’s a growing bottleneck in certifications under the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

What Are The Secrets To Creating MDR Certified Software?
feb 28, 2023

Software as a medical device is nothing new. However, the way in which companies get software certified under the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) can be complicated to get right. That’s why it pays to have an experienced expert on hand to steer you through the documentation required by a Notified Body.

6 Signs You Need A Regulatory Expert When Developing Medical Devices
feb 14, 2023

When there are changes to any kind of business regulation, companies must take action to ensure they remain compliant. In a heavily-regulated industry like medtech, changes usually require businesses to produce extensive documentation to revalidate both the product and the quality management system behind it.