Atris - CE certified software product

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Atris is a telemonitoring system that can be used to gain more insight into the (movement) patterns of patients in healthcare. It consists of 4 possible software components, which can be combined as desired. There is an app that patients can use in combination with a motion sensor or other validated measurement device, a monitor where physicians can track their patients' data, an app that physicians can use to read out patients' movement data, and a bigscreen (screen) that can be placed in healthcare facilities and read out motion sensors that are close by. The entirety of these software components has been certified as a Class IIa medical device (MDR) since 2022, making it the only Dutch telemonitoring product with Class IIa certification.

Atris can be used for a variety of applications. The telemonitoring system enables patients themselves to gain more insight into their movement patterns. This can be applied, for example, when working toward and recovering from surgery. In addition, a physician can use the collected data to provide personalized advice for the patient. The software also includes the ability to set goals. The physician can use these to encourage the patient to exercise more. Initial research results show that the combination of monitoring and target setting leads to increased patient exercise. Click here to read more about Peercode's Atris software.

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